Monday, April 30, 2012

Clubhouse Rules | Gloria Steinem's List Of Top 10 Fearbusters

Hello Honey Bunches 

Happy Monday

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 
& it is also my hope that everyone 
has the intent to make the most of this week 

This morning I tumbled into a familiar 
name & face 

journalist, feminist, and political & social activist 
Gloria Steinem

Most known as 
"an outspoken champion of women's rights since the late 1960s".

It became evident to me that Miss. Steinem was one of my kind 
when I'd read that upon entering college she chose to study 
Government, which at the time was a non- traditional choice for women.
It's not that I'm interested in government, it's that I am a fan 
of anyone who strays from the beaten path,
which at that time was to become a wife & mother 
and take on whatever life it is that your husband finds interest in.
It was apparent that Gloria had plans, goals, & ideas 
none of which involved becoming another pale tile on the wall of 
'The American Dream" 
One of her most quotable lines of that time was 
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" 
and though I do loves me a good man I do understand why she had such definite 
opinions about the matter, being that she was living in a time 
where women's only option, hope, & life 
revolved around the opposite sex

Anyway it seems Gloria,
The Glamorous Feminist,
has a list of 
Top 10 Fearbuster's 
and that is the very thing I'd come across this morning.
Naturally I deemed it more then worthy 
and practically necessary 
to be shared here in 
The Clubhouse
Check it out below & take as much from it as you can 

Gloria Steinem’s List of Top 10 Fearbusters

10. Reverse the golden rule. For women, treat ourselves as well as we treat others.
9. Fear is a sign of growth. If you are afraid, it means you are stretching and doing something you haven’t done before. (This is in regard to endeavors, not people)
8. Anger is an energy cell, it is precious.
7. We (women) need to make sure we are using our own unique talents, and not imitating others’ talents.
6. Measure yourself by the real, not by the ideal.
5. Look for allies everywhere. Do not be bound by conventional hierarchies.
4. What is viewed as a disability – being “feminine” – has enormous advantages within it.
3. Just about everyone can learn to change, even us and even them.
2. Ask for help. Surround yourself with people who make you feel smart, not dumb.
1. Remember that our humanity, our equality, our self-determination is the key to everything.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clubhouse Closet | Emilio Pucci SS12

Hello Darlings
Happy Sunday

This afternoon I got a chance to catch up on my 
YouTube Subscriptions 
and with doing so I was introduced to the 
Pucci SS12 Collection 
(which by the way is one of favorite brands)
Designer Confidential series

It seems 
Peter Dundas 
wishes to outfit women in a 
Gypsy Luxe fashion 
for the summer.
He's thinking prints, big skirts, patchwork, and 
Brigitte Bardot (during a gypsy phase) reinterpreted on a girl today.
His exact words,
"I want her to feel like a star and feel desirable" 
well I'm all for that

Check out the video here 
& also a few select pieces from the collection below

Python Shoulder Bag | £1,735
Sequin Silk Maxi Skirt £4,840

Python Box Clutch £1,110
Two Tone Suede Gladiator Sandals £695
Appliqued Silk-Charmeuse Dress £3,345

Plunge Front Printed Halterneck Swimsuit £350

Cropped Lace-Trimmed Ribbed Silk Top £420

High Waisted Printed Silk-Satin Maxi Skirt £1,395


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rihanna On The Telly!

Pop Princess 
recently released a 20 minute doc of behind the scenes footage
It captured her back stage before & after the last leg of her N. America tour 
as well as back in her home town of 
Check it out below & get a pure taste of the young diva 


Clubhouse Closet | Alexis Bittar F/W 2012

Alexis Bittar F/W 2012 Collection
(images via


Clubhouse Closet | Lindsey Thornburg s/s 2012

Lindsey Thornburg S/S 2012 Collection 
Olivia Malone
(images via


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Darling Moments | The Best Foundation Charity Event

For my 2nd Post of The day
I'd like to share with you all 
images from my weekend

^The Woman who made Me!^

 This past weekend 
I definitely had an amazing 
Darling Moment
 I had the pleasure of performing at a charity event 
given by 
Detroit Lion Running Back 
Jahvid Best 
& his Charity 
The Best Foundation 
which is geared toward
"educating & improving health & wellness outcomes for under-served youth"
The event was held at  
in Los Angeles, Ca 
which is a beautiful venue by the way
I'd encourage you all to pay it a visit 
if you're ever given the opportunity

& There were several divine points of the evening captured on camera 
& naturally I've brought those moments here to share
I do hope that you enjoyed them all


Clubhouse Art | Anwar Raifee | Clubhouse Poetry | Sarah Kay | If I should Have a Daughter

Hello Darlings
Happy Hump Day
I trust that everyone is well

I have so much to share today
I've broken it up into 2 post
Here's post numero uno

For starters I've brought some new art to be hung
It comes from an artist by the name of
Anwar Raifee
by way of
Check out the entire Collection Here
Anwar Raifee's Society 6 Collection

I chose the following five images because
I've been in the mindset of
unravelling perfection
escaping the idea of everything being perfect
& finding yourself being closer to your actual humanity
& further away from the idealistic view of how we feel we should be
That probably all stems from the fact
that I'm shooting the video for my track titled
'Far From Perfect'
On Sunday & I've been concentrating on
abandoning perfection

So it was the titles and flawed fixings of these images
that appealed to me

'Pretty Ugly' 
'We Use To Be Friends'
'Inner Beauty'
'Pretty Ugly'

& I've also got something else 
very Darling to share with you all
some of you may have seen it before
some of you may be meeting it's presence for the 1st time
whatever the case maybe I encourage everyone to watch
It's a poem by a Darling by the name of

Sarah Kay

who I find to be a dazzling poet
this piece is titled
'If I Should Have a Daughter'

Absolutely Phenomenal
I'll speak with you all  very soon

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clubhouse Catch up | Clubhouse Icons | Wise Words

Hello Darlings!
I've been gone far too long
but there has been so much going on
Family troubles & preparation for my biggest show yet has kept
me from you all
But I've been here in spirit.

However I've come back bearing goods
because what kind of Darling would I be
if I didn't
That wouldn't be proper clubhouse protocol

Okay 1st & foremost
whose been tuning into
Mad Men

I definitely have
& I've also been reading around the net
& it seems that they're marking
Megan Draper
The go-to gal for style this season
& justifiably so

Watch the new Mrs. Draper giving a birthday performance of a french tune for Don
in what's become a season favorite

I'm really getting into the new season 
It's starting a bit slow 
however it's still enchanting enough for me to find myself engrossed.

In other Darling news
Beyonce recently unveiled her space in the tumblr neighborhood
and let me state that it's filled with several personal treasures 
that will thrill any & every 
heart that beats for 
Queen Bey 
I snagged a few of my favorite memories of hers 
& brought them back to hang here 

Do drop by & pay her a visit

I've gotta jet but I leave you all with these instructions