Monday, April 30, 2012

Clubhouse Rules | Gloria Steinem's List Of Top 10 Fearbusters

Hello Honey Bunches 

Happy Monday

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 
& it is also my hope that everyone 
has the intent to make the most of this week 

This morning I tumbled into a familiar 
name & face 

journalist, feminist, and political & social activist 
Gloria Steinem

Most known as 
"an outspoken champion of women's rights since the late 1960s".

It became evident to me that Miss. Steinem was one of my kind 
when I'd read that upon entering college she chose to study 
Government, which at the time was a non- traditional choice for women.
It's not that I'm interested in government, it's that I am a fan 
of anyone who strays from the beaten path,
which at that time was to become a wife & mother 
and take on whatever life it is that your husband finds interest in.
It was apparent that Gloria had plans, goals, & ideas 
none of which involved becoming another pale tile on the wall of 
'The American Dream" 
One of her most quotable lines of that time was 
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" 
and though I do loves me a good man I do understand why she had such definite 
opinions about the matter, being that she was living in a time 
where women's only option, hope, & life 
revolved around the opposite sex

Anyway it seems Gloria,
The Glamorous Feminist,
has a list of 
Top 10 Fearbuster's 
and that is the very thing I'd come across this morning.
Naturally I deemed it more then worthy 
and practically necessary 
to be shared here in 
The Clubhouse
Check it out below & take as much from it as you can 

Gloria Steinem’s List of Top 10 Fearbusters

10. Reverse the golden rule. For women, treat ourselves as well as we treat others.
9. Fear is a sign of growth. If you are afraid, it means you are stretching and doing something you haven’t done before. (This is in regard to endeavors, not people)
8. Anger is an energy cell, it is precious.
7. We (women) need to make sure we are using our own unique talents, and not imitating others’ talents.
6. Measure yourself by the real, not by the ideal.
5. Look for allies everywhere. Do not be bound by conventional hierarchies.
4. What is viewed as a disability – being “feminine” – has enormous advantages within it.
3. Just about everyone can learn to change, even us and even them.
2. Ask for help. Surround yourself with people who make you feel smart, not dumb.
1. Remember that our humanity, our equality, our self-determination is the key to everything.