Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Post #100 !!!!!!

Hello, Hello
Happy Tuesday All
It appears that we've made it too the 
100th Post
I wish I was able to celebrate with all of you 
who have been dedicated thus far 
perhaps by the time we reach the 
1,000th post 
I'll be able to give us an actual event 
in fact that is now a goal 
to have an actual celebratory event 
inviting each of my dedicated readers when we reach the 
1000th post
Don't any of you forget because your all my VIP's.

But at this point all I have to offer is my love 
I do hope that is enough
I also hope that each of you 
(as long as your of drinking age) 
will have a glass of champagne on this 
May 1st 2012 
in celebration of 
The House Of Darling 
making it too post # 100


"If you have much give of your wealth; if you have little give of your heart." 
- Arabian Proverb

This is certainly from my heart 
 a labor of love