Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clubhouse Art | Anwar Raifee | Clubhouse Poetry | Sarah Kay | If I should Have a Daughter

Hello Darlings
Happy Hump Day
I trust that everyone is well

I have so much to share today
I've broken it up into 2 post
Here's post numero uno

For starters I've brought some new art to be hung
It comes from an artist by the name of
Anwar Raifee
by way of
Check out the entire Collection Here
Anwar Raifee's Society 6 Collection

I chose the following five images because
I've been in the mindset of
unravelling perfection
escaping the idea of everything being perfect
& finding yourself being closer to your actual humanity
& further away from the idealistic view of how we feel we should be
That probably all stems from the fact
that I'm shooting the video for my track titled
'Far From Perfect'
On Sunday & I've been concentrating on
abandoning perfection

So it was the titles and flawed fixings of these images
that appealed to me

'Pretty Ugly' 
'We Use To Be Friends'
'Inner Beauty'
'Pretty Ugly'

& I've also got something else 
very Darling to share with you all
some of you may have seen it before
some of you may be meeting it's presence for the 1st time
whatever the case maybe I encourage everyone to watch
It's a poem by a Darling by the name of

Sarah Kay

who I find to be a dazzling poet
this piece is titled
'If I Should Have a Daughter'

Absolutely Phenomenal
I'll speak with you all  very soon

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