Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clubhouse Catch up | Clubhouse Icons | Wise Words

Hello Darlings!
I've been gone far too long
but there has been so much going on
Family troubles & preparation for my biggest show yet has kept
me from you all
But I've been here in spirit.

However I've come back bearing goods
because what kind of Darling would I be
if I didn't
That wouldn't be proper clubhouse protocol

Okay 1st & foremost
whose been tuning into
Mad Men

I definitely have
& I've also been reading around the net
& it seems that they're marking
Megan Draper
The go-to gal for style this season
& justifiably so

Watch the new Mrs. Draper giving a birthday performance of a french tune for Don
in what's become a season favorite

I'm really getting into the new season 
It's starting a bit slow 
however it's still enchanting enough for me to find myself engrossed.

In other Darling news
Beyonce recently unveiled her space in the tumblr neighborhood
and let me state that it's filled with several personal treasures 
that will thrill any & every 
heart that beats for 
Queen Bey 
I snagged a few of my favorite memories of hers 
& brought them back to hang here 

Do drop by & pay her a visit

I've gotta jet but I leave you all with these instructions