Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How does One Dazzle All At A Masquerade Ball?

The 15th of January is briskly approaching,
& I am as giddy as a child on christmas.
Because not only does it mark the date 
of my 1st performance of 2012 
but it is also the eve of 
Black & Gold Masquerade Ball 
at the Supper Club.
The only trouble is, I am still at a lost 
in regards to what I'm going too 
Doll myself up in to Masquerade around & dazzle all.

I've pulled a couple of samples 
out of the closet of
& brought them home.
Take a look & let me know what ya guys think 
would be the absolute STUNNING best!
Thanx in advance Darlings 






& with my final piece I also present an alternative option & idea  
just a simple Tiara, flawless make up and my starface...
Like so 

Decisions. Decisions. 
I've got exactly 11 days to pull it together!
Help me out lova's!