Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorate These Walls With Toxic Women | Andrea Mary Marshall

These white walls here in the clubhouse 
need a little grace & vulgarity.
It was after  all the great Diana Vreeland who said,
"Never fear being vulgar, just boring"
I mean really the world isn't a picture perfect portrait of
white walls, clean windows, and sunshine. 
There are dirt tracks, dark smudges, and storm clouds everywhere.
I've got just the thing these walls need.

There.. That's Better!

The above piece was retrieved from 
latest solo exhibition

As I paid my daily visit to 
the land of all things artistic, stylish, & trendy
a few days back, I'd come across something utterly riveting
a collection of pieces entitled 'Toxic Women' 
and I found the work to be SMASHING!

I was moved.
 It seems Andrea's main focus for this collection,
in my humblest opinion,
was the truth of character.
She brush stroked together a series of provocative portraits 
of herself in character 
and examined the details of today's version of an 
'Ideal Woman'.
The Pieces are racked with 
deep emotion, grim detailing, 
and heavy doses of candor.
In many of the pieces the women are fashionable dressed 
while standing amongst harsh realities 
with words of bitter truth that reveal the demons that lurk inside some of us.
It is definitely awe-inspiring work.

I must warn you now
 if you are deeply religious or take offense to vulgarity 
then this exhibit is all the more for you 
but you probably won't like it
However for those of you looking for an 
honest spin on idealism, beauty, and the dark accuracy of today's society
I urge you to check it out NOW!

I've brought some of Andrea's work back here to the clubhouse and I've hung it below
I implore you all to get over to this address
and visit the exhibit NOW!

Andrea's been quoted saying the following about women,

“A Woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part part slave, one part part child and one part mother...these contradictions are what make a woman so intoxicating.”