Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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So the other day as I was exploring,
 thru the window of my twitter vehicle,
I'd come across a tweeter that I hadn't seen in a while 
or SPK as I like to refer to her.
(No I don't know her personally... yet.)
I learned that she recently took up residence 
in an area that I frequently vacation in 
My address there | 
Please do drop by anytime!


I stopped in at her place for a visit and was quite smitten!
I brought back home a few treasures
Some absolutely Darling Photos
a great song that I knew nothing of.
Check it all out below 
& do swing by her address for more great finds.
She'll tell you a charming story about a trip her & Juelz took to Paris over the summer!
Here's her address |
Get Over There ASAP!

Doesn't she look FABU!
I can definitely see these being vintage treasures in the future.

And as for that tune that I spoke of here it is
CJ Hilton Performing - 'Cold Summer'.