Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Darling House Rule | Kir Royale, on a Kate Spade Spread, Drink Recipe | Hangover concepts.

House Rule #1: 
Hard alcohol is forbidden.
Only permitted under necessary circumstances
extremely cold weather. extremely hard week. need for extreme partying.
I've had some good & slightly GaGa moments with hard alcohol many moons ago 
but I've since sworn myself off of it 
unless absolutely necessary. 
Soft things such as
Wine, Champagne, & dazzling flavored beer, are however acceptable.

Simple splashes of cocktails concocted with
champagne is sorta my thing
Example ~
I am, in every way possible, obsessed with just about all things 
(I retrieved the above recipe from their tumbl blog
And I will not under any circumstance 
ever make that a secret.
You will often see things here in 
'The House Of Darling'
that are creations of
Kate Spade!

Now onto matters of the Wine Flu 
better known by it's street name 
a Hangover...
Couple of quick fix concepts
as unhealthy as this sounds, eat something extremely greasy 
if possible 
a burger from an In-N-Out or Nation's (For my fellow Bay Area-ins)
will do!
Whatever it is make it good and greasy and slightly heavy 
it soaks up the trouble looming all over your body.
Drink sparkling water 
pop a couple of Excedrin
and take a dip in the pool 
or a soak in the bath. 
try this
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