Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dorothy Dandrige On The Telly!

My manager phoned the clubhouse this morning 
and we discussed some pivotal points of the present & future
you know talked a bit of business.


Dorothy Dandrige's 
name swayed it's way into our discussion 
and my mind was struck.
I was slapped with remembrance.
About 3 year's ago I'd really gotten into 
Dottie, after reading her biography

'Dorothy Dandrige' by Donald Bogle

I'd known who she was prior to that but hadn't really invested much time in finding out 
anything more then her name.
However after reading her glamorous but tragic tale 
I'd become deeply fascinated 
and began immersing myself in her 
past day world for a few months.
After viewing a few of her films, 
Carmen Jones being my favorite, 
and watching her life on film as played by Halle Berry 
(and p.s Halle girl I adore you but that movie was NOT on your winning list)
I began to deeply respect, appreciate & pity 
Craft, Style, & Story.

I'd moved on but always kept Dorothy and her utter
glamour, beauty, grace, and sophistication 
in the back of my mind.

Well when she came up today I'd figured 
I'd go on a Treasure hunt 
to find a few goodies to share here in remembrance of her.

I kept the list of acquired pieces 
Simple But Sophisticated
I believe less is more,
 so I've got 3 awesome things to share with you all 

1. a phenomenal photo 

2. an introduction for a Biography channel documentary titled 'Little Girl Lost' 
that must be tracked down & shown on the telly here in the clubhouse.

3. a link to a tumblr blog that will give you little known & widely heard 
photo's and tales of the life & times of the illustrious 
Miss. Dorothy Dandrige.