Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wise Words | Darling Musings

Keep In Mind Dolls and Gents 

It's a habit of mine to contemplate life on a forgoing basis 
I've long known that I am in many ways 
at the mercy of the universe 
however it wasn't until recently that I actually learned to let go 
I've accepted that 
I can only steer my ship, I cannot control the waters 
I've spent many of hours on plenty of days 
attempting to control the uncontrollable 
trying to direct that which cannot be directed by the hand or mind 
of any one human being 
I've accepted that I have to trust,
trust that I'm being led on a path of beauty 
and trust that it's my duty to improve only 
upon myself, live my dream, learn along the way, & enjoy the ride
Even the darkest moments host an enchanting nature
and the balance of it all 
the beauty and the terror 
create the balance that is my life