Friday, March 2, 2012

Remember This

As you progress forward into your weekend
and thru life in general
Remember this 

This is your life & these are your moments, don't waste them.
To often we get tripped up on the insignificant & irrelevant matters 
and fail to recognize the simplistic beauty of our lives,
like the fact that we're afforded some levels of freedom 
the fact that we're able to pursue whatever it is that our hearts desire.
These are reasons enough to celebrate daily.
& let us not forget that Spring is on her way 
I say that we greet her with fresh perspectives
and a genuine promise to find better portions of ourselves 
in each & every moment.

The only thing we've got with some certainty is ourselves & this moment
Make it 

Cheers to the freakin weekend 

Happy Friday
oh & btw Hello MARCH