Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clubhouse Memos | Wherever You Go There You Are | Clubhouse Book Club

Hey All
It's been a little while
I trust that everyone is well 
& if not trust that whatever it is that you're going thru shall soon enough pass 
just be sure when it does you're better leaving it then you were going into it
I've been away getting back to self
and naturally all that I've learned and discovered while being away 
is always brought back here to be shared with each of you



I know that a lot of my post lately 
in some form or another involve literature 
and that is simply because I fancy reading 
and feel as if in society today knowledge is some what undervalued or often feigned 
just to keep up with appearances.
But I for one am an avid reader & my days as a student will cease the day that my heart stops beating

In any event I've recently found myself revisiting a book that I put down sometime ago 
simply because I wasn't at the point in my life where I was ready for it 

This book in two chapters has opened up my eyes and mind to so much 
the main message that I have for you all now is this 

within this moment 
don't worry yourself about things that are going on outside of you
focus solely on your part in each moment

Find out what your purpose is and do that, be that, share that 
simply for the sake of doing, being, and sharing 
and nothing else 
empty yourself of all restrictions 
and let go of the need to dictate every moment 
and just simply allow yourself to be.

This is a simple task but many find it difficult to achieve
however it isn't impossible
all it requires is a mustard seed of faith

I wish you all well