Friday, March 9, 2012

Clubhouse Book Club | Matchbook Girl Novels | Clubhouse Art | Nele By Malte Pietschmann For Factice Magazine #11

Hey Pumpkins!
Happy Friday
This week actually went by rather quickly for me
It's as if I blinked & it was over
I have a couple of goodies for us.
While browsing cyber city
I came across some pretty profound photographs
taken for
Factice Magazine 
By Malte Pietschmann
Check them out below

Pretty Incredible Right
Here we have a list of classic novels
that we MUST explore in the 
House Of Darling 
Book Club
Via the Darling Gals over at 

Where should we start 
& which on the list have you Darlings already read

 and one more thing before you all go 
it's been a pretty difficult week for me 
as an artist sometimes your creativity is challenged 
and the greatest battle that you have isn't with others 
but with yourself 
So I looked around for a few ideas to help us 'Artsy' types 
when we find our creativity stifled
and I came upon a couple of useful list 
but I'd like to say this first
above all else remember to trust yourself, be honest with yourself, never give up, & enjoy

 Have a 
Darling & Divine 
Weekend Loves