Monday, February 13, 2012

Clubhouse Neighbors |

Let me tell you 
since opening up 
The House Of Darling 
here in the neighborhood
I've come into contact with some pretty incredible people 
Idk if it's a vibe that I am emitting or what 
it just seems that I can pretty much do no wrong people wise here 
all of the clubhouse members & neighbors are 

 Speaking of neighbors 
 I have the works of my one on my hands now 
I brought it back here to the clubhouse for us all to enjoy


These pieces,
and when I say pieces I'm talking everything from 
the headdress, to the gown, to the actual image itself 
are all the work of a 
22 year old 
Artist from Russia 
who takes photos and makes awe inspiring fashion items
Her name is 
and she can be found at this address 

Please do drop by her place she has tons more to share with you


I'm telling you I truly enjoy it here 
Happy Monday All