Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clubhouse Memos | Pardon Me | Highsnobette | Jeremy Scott & More


Please excuse my absence here 
but I have been working on a divine little 
music/art project that I will reveal here 
hopefully sometime tomorrow

I'm excited to get all of your thoughts on it
It's something expressive and a bit out of the box


before I get back to work I just wanted to drop off 
some treasures that I've recently come across

I'm not too much of an outrageous dresser 
I'm more of a timeless style type of gal 

I was poking around 
(btw have you visited there
Hot High End Street Blog 
that shares daily news 
on a ton of 
Fashionable things
Visit them)

I'd come across some images from the 
Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2012 Collection
the look below is so bazaar yet it is also oddly appealing to me

Not saying that I'd wear it but I do fully fancy it on this dame

It was while visiting 
High Snobette 
that I also learned 
Supreme x Kate Moss 
will be gracing the public this spring 
That's cute right

So then get this 
I drop in at 
and they had a sassy 
Flair Magazine editorial titled 
featuring Brazilian model 
Bruna Tenorio
that just simply took my breath away and got me all giddy for summer
Check. IT. Out.

Aren't these images simply 
Darling & Divine

Alright guys & gals 
I've got to get back to work
I'll see you all back here again tomorrow