Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trend Land Paper Doll Series | Clubhouse Closet

I've made it clear in past post 
that the Land of Trend 
is a spot where I spend a great deal of free time.

One of the great things that they have there,
that I've brought back here to the clubhouse to share with you all,
is their

'Paper Doll Series: Styling Tips'

They've taken a popular past day contrivance 
and added a bit of present day TrendLand Edge. 

I myself have always been a HUGE fan of paper dolls
and hope to one day soon have a set of myself made.

But that's neither here nor there at this point.
This is about what TrendLand's got going on 
Right Here 
Right Now.

I've posted a few of my fav Paper Dolls of theirs below.
If you visit the site you can actually purchase the items worn by the dolls
at Trend Land's Affiliate Shop


Meet Trendland's Own Paloma & Ryder!