Wednesday, January 11, 2012

clubhouse members | C. Milian | Instagram

You know whose incredibly dope 
semi underrated
and sorta
obsessed with instagram?


I was vacationing over at 

and I dropped by the spot that she has in that area 

She's very interactive with her fans there
and she has a slew of insta-gram photos posted around her dwelling there also.

I've snagged a couple & brought em back here 
along with a video of a track of hers that I adore.

'Us Against The World'


For those of you with insta-gram 
check her out & follow along

Congrats C. Mili you have been inducted into 
The House Of Darling!
(and I'm not saying that in a "I'm doing you a favor" tone 
I'm saying it in the manner of "here in the house of Darling you are loved")