Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dec These Walls | Luxe List | Fela Kuti's Queens | Sofia Maldonado

Hey There!
Happy Tuesday Night
It's practically hump day & just a few hours before the 2nd month of 2012,
time is passing rather rapidly.
But as long as we're living every moment to the max then we needn't worry 
about missing out on anything right

as usual I've got a couple of goodies for you gals and guys

1st of all I've had this 
Luxe List 
stored for quite sometime now 
I can't quite remember where I picked it up from 
but in any event I'm posting it here in the clubhouse 
to inform all of my Darling LUXE Clubhouse gals 
of a few things 
that are 
for us


I've also got some art to share.
So as of late I've been really getting into the 
Fela Kuti Queen's 

(The Knowles sisters, who are responsible for hipping me to the queens,  have attributed a lot of their fashion selections lately to Kuti Queen's style)
I find the vibrancy of their attire breathtaking.

While researching their existence last week 
I'd come across a few art pieces constructed of them 
 by a young Darling 
Puerto Rico 
who now resides in NY.

This street artist/ Muralist has been written about on the 
and various other hot spots around cyber city.

Her name is

Sofia Maldonado 

I don't know how familiar you all are with her 
but I'd never encountered her brilliance prior to this.
However it seems that she is NOT unknown 
in the streets of NY 
where she has several murals beautifully stroked up against city walls.

She's also known in art galleries for pieces like this 
one titled 
'Concrete Jungle Divas' 
which was inspired by modern day divas  
Beyonce, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez,, and M.I.A.

I will most certainly be marking up the white walls here in the clubhouse 
with more of her work.
I have a thing about women artist who depict women in their art 
I'm always smitten with them and inspired by their work.

Do drop by Sofia's cyber city spot 
and get more acquainted

You can also purchase 2 of the Fela Kuti Queen prints over in 
Society 6