Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clubhouse Memo's | 'Slow Down You Crazy Child'

Hey People!

You know lately I've been feeling a bit disenchanted 
almost as if I'm not fully together.
Like I'm skipping over something of grave importance 
and the keeper of the Heaven's 
will not allow me to proceed 
beyond this point that I am currently at 
until I've come face to face 
with whatever it is that's playing 
keep away with me.

It is in my opinion that life 
is but an adventure 
complete with complex twist and turns 
grounds of great joy 
and a few shaded corners of sorrow
colorful characters
dangers, distractions,
and destinies racked with splendor.

Well I've found that I I tend to rush along paths in this adventure
sometimes missing whole portions of my adventure
that can serve as important points of growth.
This is not an intentional habit 
but more so a subconscious pain.

I awoke this morning and sat silently 
and allowed each muscle in my face to relax 
as I considered 
what the hell it is I'm doing wrong
Finally it occurred to me 
I swear to much by the clock 
don't take enough time to sit quietly, listen, and learn
I'm often tense because my body is in a constant state of RUSH 
and I don't trust enough in the words that are whispered into my heart 
by the Universe 
That everything is working out
& I need to
Trust in God's timing.
I mean really I RUSH through practically everything
because I guess I feel the faster I can get it done the faster I can be on to the next task.
And believe it or not these actions totally oppose what it is I believe.
In all honesty I believe no task is worth getting to if you're not gaining anything from it
mentally or emotionally.
And let's be honest if you're not taking enough time to pay attention to what it is you're doing
well then it's just being done without you truly picking up the encoded message that's sewn within every task.

I'm always trying to get to the next point, 
a better point 
without taking the time to acquire the full lesson 
or appreciate the full beauty of the point that I am on now.

So it was today that I said to myself that this must be stopped 
the only person responsible for my 
happiness and misery 
wisdom and ignorance 
is me.

And If I intend to live a full life 
I must choose to be wise & happy 
& thus 
Wherever it is that I am intended to get, whatever it is that I am intended to see or do 
will still be up there when I get there.
The difference is if I take the time to slow down & learn & enjoy now 
I'll be a better person upon arrival into my future.

Just wanted to share that with you all in hopes that maybe others can also profit
from my experience.
and now
I leave you with these words 
The best help one can be offered is the help from self.