Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Wonders| Assouline | Clubhouse Music | Champagne Soul

Hello & 
Happy Friday 

I have several goodies for us all 
First & Foremost allow me to introduce 
The House Of Darling 
Spring Soundtrack 
'Champagne Soul' By DJ Tap10
Please Do 
Listen. Enjoy. Download.

Being that it's Friday 
& time to unwind & enjoy 
in true 
Darling Fashion 
May I suggest that you
Grab a great drink 
perhaps a vintage cocktail of the 
Assouline Fashion

Like a 
Or Perhaps a 

& why don't you
treat yourself to fresh flowers this weekend

also I have a list of things 
that you MUST 
keep in mind 
from here on out 

and may I encourage us to plan a trip to
the island of sirens

Several trips over too 
where we can get lost in a wonderful world of 
glamorous books


It's all so 
Darling & Divine 
isn't it 

Happy Friday 
please let's not forget about 
Mad Men's 
Return this SUNDAY