Thursday, March 15, 2012

GCB On The Telly |

Hello & Happy Thursday all
So who here has been tuning in for 
for the past 2 Sundays

I've actually been enjoying it 
I mean it's no 
Pan Am 
Mad Men 
let's not get crazy 
however it's not terrible either

I feel as if could use to some alterations 
but I haven't quiet figured out what they are just yet

The opening scene where 
Amanda Vaughn's
(Leslie Bibb)
husband dies was a little 
'I'm overly acting and badly' 
for me but I do feel as if the show got better from there

The cattiness is hilarious & realistic 
the luxury enviable 
the plot acceptable 

I think everyone should check it out at least once

also check out these 
GCB E Cards

If you haven't seen the show get over to 
they usually have back episodes posted