Friday, February 3, 2012

Clubhouse Music | Clubhouse Members | Lana Del Rey

Okay so perhaps I'm a little bit tardy 
But I am just now getting familiar with 

Lana Del Rey


Have you all heard about her

According to wikipedia 
she's been described as a
"Self-Styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra"

I mean I can definitely support that

I'd ran into an image of her on instragram 
that a friend of mine had posted 
& instantly found that my interest was piqued 
once I'd caught wind of the title of one of her tracks 

'Born To Die'

I'd yearned to learn more about this gal & to introduce my ears to this tune.
and so today I did and found that I actually liked what I heard 

Her voice is captivating, enchanting, and distinctive. Very reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra.
And her lyrical content has depth, provides clarity, but in an unusual fashion. She chooses off the radar terms to depict lyrical portraits.
This was LOVE for me
So I'd gone on to find more of her tracks & learned that she just released an album
the 31st of January 
also titled 

'Born To Die'

I know the title seems a bit somber but it adds to the appeal in my opinion.
It lets me know that the person who made the statement is aware of the fact 
that we'll all meet our maker at some point 
so we should approach life with a fearless demeanor 
and live it while the living is good.


It's was said in a Vogue interview by Elizabeth Grant 
otherwise known as one 
Miss. Lana Del Rey 
that she wanted a name that she could shape the music towards,
she was going to Miami quite a lot at the time 
and speaking a lot of Spanish 
with her friends from Cuba
the name 
Lana Del Rey 
reminded them all of the glamour of the seaside
it sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue.

Now that is a fabulous story and one that I can totally relate too.
Similar to the story of one Miss. Ashley Best 
who became 
Darling Bonnie 
:) that's me
In fact I'll share that story with you guys one day


She is definitely a 
Darling Clubhouse Member
and most definitely at the top of my list of artist to work with
Check out her tunes below


Happy Friday

Are you a fan yet