Monday, February 6, 2012

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Do you know 
Isabella Blow
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A few days ago as I jaunted around here in cyber city 
I'd come across an
in a web window,
that was full of unusual hats & headdresses 
fashioned by a woman
who works under the assumed alias 
Boring Sidney


I was immediately taken in by the uniqueness of her craft
I also was thrown to the memory of 
Ms. Isabella Blow

Well simple dear's
because as you may or may not know 
fashion editor, consultant, muse & maker of young fashion talent,
the woman responsible for the rise to fame of the ever loved 
Mr. Alexander McQueen,
was also widely recognized for the outrageous fashions
that she'd sport on her head

I'm talking headpieces that make 
Lady Gaga 
look like a shameful pretender


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(image via

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She was idolized as
'The embodiment of the English eccentric"
according to 
British Vogue 
she was an original headdress goddess 

let me tell you
the woman knew how to

There are several books written about 
her life 
which was marked just as much by tragedy as it was by fashion 
get on over to 
the book shop @ 
& look them all up 
& purchase what you can 

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There's no doubt in my mind that if 
Darling Isabella 
were still with us 
she'd be heavily into these pieces 
Boring Sidney 

'Baby Dearest'
$ 145.00

'Josephine Baker'
$ 1150.00

$ 170.00

'Jack In The Hat'
$ 320.00

'Wedding Day Mini Top Hat'
$ 160.00

'Modern Day Flapper Girl'
$ 30.00

$ 80.00

$ 135.00

'The Wicker Lantern' 
$ 120.00

'Midnights Ocean Deep'
$ 375.00

'Ethereal Wedding' 
$ 125.00

'Doxie Moxie'
$ 110.00

'Cocktail Anyone'
$ 160.00

Delicious aren't they Darlings


I'm sure Isabella is smiling down on these now
from the fashion heaven's.

Like what you see 
well here's the address of 
Boring Sidney's cyber city boutique 
get on over there and shop