Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Coveteur | Paris

I took a trip to 
it seems they've just returned from Paris.
I've collected a few of their candid snapshots 
& brought them back to the clubhouse.

While visiting there 
I was introduced to a Paris native who now resides in London.
Sara Brajovic
a model; writer & creator, 
who also btw is a pianist with a degree in World History.
 to learn more about her 
drop in on the crew over at 
The Coveteur 
She's a guest there.
Ohhh but before you go
While I was there I snagged some of her sh*t and brought it back here 
Check it out! 

Marni's | graffiti backdrop
Bottega Veneta Clutch | Golden Palm Tree

More Marni's | Bally Shearling

Do come again!