Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clubhouse Icons | Doris Day

You guys & gals know 
Doris right?!?

I watch more classic film from the 
late 20's- Mid 70's
then I do present day film.
I like to spend time learning about 
past day actresses that capture my attention.
I have a ton of favorites 
The Hepburn's 
Audrey & Katharine 
Own my heart.

At this time
I'm interested in getting more familiar with 
Miss. Doris Day.
And so I shall.
Stay tuned
I'll be bringing some of her good sh*t 
to the clubhouse.

If you know any interesting tid bits 
about Doris 
please do share!

Oh I also have some things to share from 
'Darling Nights' 
that took place this past Sunday.
Soon come!